Wish List

Below is a list of In Kind donations of the Camp's most needed items that are used for day to day operations and up keep around the camp. 

These are not necessarily in a priority order:

  • *(102 bags) Quikrete 50lb Sand Pool Filter (Lowe's Home Improvement Item #69225 Model #115350) 
  • Play Sand for the Volleyball, Horseshoe, & Washer pits
  • **12"X 20' Long Galvanized Culvert Pipe for Slip-N-Slide THANK YOU SWEETWATER STEEL!!
  • *driving lawn mower
  • Dumpsters (purchased through Leave It To Beaver)
  • *Volleyballs, Kickballs, basketballs
  • Side By Side Vehicle (4x4)
  • Golf Cart
  • Garden Tiller
  • *Weed-eaters & Cord (.095 cord)
  • Vacuums

*most needed due to lack of funds from COVID-19
**Already received!