Butman Camp's Needs & Wish List

Below is a list of In Kind donations of the Camp's most needed items that are used for day to day operations and up keep around the camp. 

These are not necessarily in a priority order:

  • **(102 bags) Quikrete 50lb Sand Pool Filter (Purchased at Home Depot) 
  • Play Sand for the Volleyball, Horseshoe, & Washer pits
  • Paint Sprayer
  • **12"X 20' Long Galvanized Culvert Pipe for Slip-N-Slide THANK YOU Sweetwater Steel!
  • *Riding lawn mower
  • Dumpsters (purchased through Leave It To Beaver)
  • *Volleyballs, Kickballs, basketballs
  • Side By Side Vehicle (4x4)
  • Golf Cart
  • Garden Tiller
  • *Weed-eaters & Cord (.095 cord)

*most needed due to lack of funds from COVID-19
**Items received

We are also in need of some items to complete our newly but much needed "ROCK" Wall renovations.

Click on the clip board for the "Rock" Wall's Amazon Needs List

**accent paint for Rock Wall (Thank you to The Paint Center of Abilene)
**Claps and wire/cord for Rock Wall doors 

Click Below for the Amazon's Needs & Wish List  for camp!