What We Believe

“Our mission is to provide a spiritual place where the present and future body of Christ can experience the glory of God and be equipped to enjoy Him forever.”

Our Vision

Is to work with JESUS to change the WORLD one heart at a time!

Our History

In 1926, the "Committee on Camp Grounds" of the NWTX Conference reported that negotiations were underway to purchase a site in Palo Duro Canyon for a Conference Camp Ground. From these humble origins Ceta Canyon Methodist Camp & Retreat Center got its beginning. The old Stamford District held its camps at the Leuders Baptist Encampment. The Abilene District was using the Presbyterian Encampment at Buffalo Gap. Conference leaders, especially those in the southern part of the Conference, began to see the need for a camp to meet needs of campers in the south end of the Conference. Sam Butman Sr. , a long time resident of Mulberry Canyon, had two daughters, Lottie and Mary, who were most instrumental and influential in getting Mr. Butman interested in donating land for a camp. It was Rev. Edgar Irvine who was important in suggesting to Mr. Butman that good farmland was not the most ideal for camping activities and a more rugged terrain with more acreage was needed.

Sam Butman
On May 14, 1953, Sam Butman Sr. , signed the deed for 231 .9 acres of land in Mulberry Canyon, about three miles southwest of the Pioneer Memorial Methodist Church, to the NWTX Conference for a campsite. The NWTX Annual Conference met at St. Paul Methodist Church, Abilene, and during the afternoon session on Thursday, May 28th". the Conference accepted the gift of land Mr. Butman offered to the Conference. Dr. Darris L. Egger, Sr. put it quite well in his book, Butman Methodist Camp in Mulberry Canyon.

"After a number of years of hope, dreaming, planning and praying, a camp in beautiful Mulberry Canyon, to be used by thousands of young and old alike, then awaited construction ...Let's put the picture into perspective. The Conference then had 231 plus acres of rocky, hilly, mesquite and cedar covered land. What lay ahead? What would rise from these seemingly rugged acres? To answer this question all we have to do is to visit Butman Methodist Camp and see all the facilities that house and feed hundreds and hundreds of people each year. We can walk the trails that children, youth and adults walk, see the shelters for small group sharings, listen to the singing , the sharing of experiences of the various camps, and to hear testimonies of changed lives by experiences led by Christian leaders." "We thank God for the vision of Sam Butman Sr., for the dedication and commitment of laity and clergy across a wide area , for their generosity in bringing to pass dreams that have been dreamed and prayers that have been uttered for His guidance and blessings."

"In 1956 Samuel Butman, Sr. died at the age of 92 and is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Merkel, beside his wife, Madge Bell Butman. What a long life, working hard , saving money, investing it in land, cattle, sheep and people. He shared with his children and his church. What a wonderful legacy."

Camps and Retreats

I am praying that you will put into action the generosity that comes from your faith as you understand and experience all the good things we have in Christ. - Philemon 1:6